Learnings from the Launch


Below we have listed the key points from the Launch of Middle Marches, which was held on 4th April 2019.

These are the top level ideas that came out of our discussions and we look forward to developing them with you!


  • Landowners
  • Farmers
  • Volunteers e.g. who were involved in the Landscape Partnership Scheme
  • Community Groups
  • National Trust
  • Schools
  • MPs
  • People looking for land
  • Big estates
  • Shropshire Green Exchange
  • Place Plan
  • Complimentary organisations e.g. seed cooperative
  • Anyone interested in helping the environment!


  • Our offer to farmers and landowners? Practical action plans and demonstrations
  • Cluster of farms that could be assisted together
  • Partner with landowners
  • Change farming practice – bridging the gap between farming and conservation
  • Information / advice hub
  • Litter management / recycling
  • Organic garden links – Albert Howard
  • Creating & managing woodland
  • Hedge planting
  • Restoring hay meadows
  • Employment opportunities for young people e.g. land apprenticeships


  • When we are working with land, mark on Middle Marches Google Map
  • Mary Webb’s “unkept place”
  • Keep it local! 


  • Word of mouth
  • Local advertising
  • Regular meetings
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email


  • Donations
  • Shares
  • Local grant making trusts e.g. Millichope Foundation, John Muir Trust
  • Bright Ideas Fund
  • National Trust
  • Woodland Trust