Cudwell Meadow

Land purchase appeal in partnership with Stretton Wetlands Interest Group.

We did it!!! We reached our target. Thank you so much for our support.

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A watervole tunnel at the wetlands

Our vision is to pass on restored, well-connected wetlands to the next generation of people living in the Strettons.

About the Appeal

This is a collaborative venture between the Stretton Wetlands Interest Group and Middle Marches Community Land Trust.

We are now able to secure and hold in trust a three-acre site located to the south of Church Stretton. It is bordered by the Quinny brook and is joined by a small stream from Cudwell Pool so we’ve named it ‘Cudwell Meadow’. It is presently a mix of rough grassland with rushes and swampy areas.

The meadow and adjoining wetlands are home to water voles, visiting otters, invertebrates and amphibians. 

Restoration of the meadow will greatly improve its ability to host more species of wetland plants and provide a place for all the endangered lifeforms that just need a breathing space to feed, breed and thrive. 

Thanks to your support, we can provide a haven for wildlife, that in recent decades has often either completely disappeared or become a scarce and precious commodity.

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Where is Cudwell Meadow?

Cudwell Meadow Map by Pete

Since 2016, the Stretton Wetlands Interest Group has been working closely with those who own the Stretton Wetlands to find out more about the area and its potential for wildlife. Here’s what has been achieved so far:

  • Recognition of much of the area as a wildlife site by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust
  • Creation of a boardwalk along the existing footpath, which has proved wonderfully popular with local residents
  • Completion of bioblitzes in 2016 and 2018 which found a plethora of insects, amphibians, mammals, birds and flora, including some UK notable species

Find out more about the wetlands and the Stretton Wetlands Interest Group’s achievements by visiting the blog. 

Key aims for Cudwell Meadow

Cudwell Meadow May 2020

To conserve a unique wetland habitat for future generations to enjoy

Photograph by John Harding

To provide a santuary for wildlife in a changing climate

Stretton Wetlands

To mitigate the impact of our changing climate

Why wetlands?

Wetlands provide an important habitat for many species. They are often undervalued, but play an important role in improving biodiversity, storing water and carbon, and purifying water.

Newts in hand

Over 10% of our freshwater and wetland species are threatened with extinction in the UK, and we’ve lost 90% of our wetland habitats in the last 100 years.

The Wildlife Trusts Charity

Thank you for your support

We have raised an incredible £25,123.96!

If you’d like to get involved with Cudwell Meadow, please sign up to become a Friend.

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