Restoring Shropshire’s Verges Project

Restoring Shropshire Verges Project (RSVP) is run by local volunteers, with the support of the National Trust, Plantlife, Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Caring for Gods Acre.

Our vision is to see wildflower-rich meadows along all of Shropshire’s road verges.

“These flower-lined lanes, with their sustained splendour from early spring to the end of autumn, are a priceless legacy in the border landscape. We must not lightly let them go.”


The Ecological Flora of the Shropshire Region, Sinker et al., 1985


Who are RSVP?

Restoring Shropshire’s Verges Project (RSVP) is a constituted group made up of volunteers.  We are supported in various ways by the Stepping Stones Project, National Trust, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, and Caring for God’s Acre.  We work across the whole of Shropshire, although much of our work to date has focussed on south Shropshire.

RSVP is the ‘umbrella’ for many other local verge projects happening across Shropshire.  We support local individuals, small groups of residents or parish councils to set up their own verges project in their local area.  As well as undertaking work such as managing road verges, liaising with Shropshire Council, giving talks and managing pilot projects

Our RSVP committee meets regularly – new members re always welcome!  The current Chair of RSVP is Peter Carty.  Lorna Taylor is the Secretary and Charlie Bell is the Treasurer. Other committee members are Janet Cobb, Katie Appleby, Geoff Taylor, Meg Stratford, Harriet Carty, Mike White and Simon Martin.

RSVP membership is free and is open to anyone who has an interest in road verge restoration and management for wildlife.

What are we aiming to do?

RSVP has the following aims and objectives:

Bring together people interested in restoring road verges to flower-rich grassland

  • Undertake survey and mapping work to establish the status and location of verges
  • Encourage and support local interest in restoring verges
  • Actively promote verge restoration in general and the work of RSVP specifically
  • Undertake practical management of a series of demonstration road verges in the area
  • Campaign and lobby for a positive change in road verge management policies
  • Lead one or more pilot projects looking at the use of verge clippings in biodigesters
  • Liaise with the county council, town/parish councils and contractors to develop plans for verge restoration throughout Shropshire
  • Engage with wider organisations, schemes and campaigns focused on verge restoration.


Enterprise House, Station Street, Bishops Castle, SY9 5AQ

Email us


01743 891492 (Dr Richard Keymer)