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This video was one of Tim Selman’s last initiatives for MMCLT, funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The aim was to explain Middle Marches’ vision directly, without the filter of the written word.

We would like to thank Arthur Sharples and Robin Fellows-Weir for bringing it to life.

MMCLT’s objectives are to:

  • Acquire and manage land for Nature Recovery
  • Work with and support landowners large and small
  • Support local food production initiatives
  • Work with multiple organisations, communities and individuals
  • Act as an advice Hub

See links to further information below.

Acquire and Manage Land

We acquire and manage land of current or potential high wildlife value for conservation purposes.

See links to pages about our current land acquisitions for nature here below:

Cudwell Meadow

Norbury Hill

High Leasowes

Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash

Work with Landowners

Helping landowners to identify existing and potential wildlife sites and manage them sustainably.

Read about our past small and large landowner engagement events.

Restoring Shropshire’s Verges Project is currently working hard with Shropshire Highways department and the current portfolio holder at Shropshire Council for highways to restore Shropshire’s verges to long linear wild flower hay meadows.

Support Local Food Production

Supporting the production of quality food by promoting local growers, caring for land, conserving and enhancing soil and ensuring the welfare of livestock.

Shropshire Good Food Partnership

Farming for Nature

Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash

Work with Organisations

Working with existing organisations and individuals to improve the connections in the landscape through sympathetic management and habitat recreation.

A list of organisations working in nature, farming, and the environment across the Marches.

See our Species information sheets

Act as an Advice Hub

Sharing information, advice, skills, expertise and education for those managing, or seeking to buy and sell, land. 

Contact us at: info@middlemarchescommunitylandtrust.org.uk

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Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash


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