Norbury Hill

Our bid was successful!

Our bid for Norbury Hill

After much consideration, we (The Middle Marches Community Land Trust) decided to reach out to our supporters on Sunday 27th September to ask for pledges towards the land for sale on Norbury Hill.

The land was on the market for an asking price in the region of £200,000. We had already received an incredible offer from one of our supporters to bid for the land as a joint venture if we could secure £100,000 before the deadline on Wednesday 30th September. We knew this was a huge ask, but felt we had to try something as it is such an important piece of land in the Shropshire Hills.

Why is the land important?
Norbury Hill has been described as ‘the largest stepping stone’ between two important sites of conservation, the Long Mynd and the Stiperstones. Across the Hill, there are good examples of wetland plant communities, which flourish next to several small streams running down off the steep high ground. It also hosts a once common, but now endangered insect, the small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly. It supports many breeding meadow pipits and is a feeding ground for Kestrel, Curlew and Snipe. The northern boundary of the 94-acre site runs near to the Shropshire Way.

What happened next?
By midday on Wednesday 30th September, we had secured over £100,000 in pledges for donations and interest-free loans.

This gave us the money to secure half of the 94 acres. Our supporter (a private individual) is putting in the other £100,000 and will own the other half. We have a very good relationship with our supporter and we will work together to improve the 94 acres for biodiversity as a joint venture. In due course we will produce a map showing how the ownership of the 94 acres is divided between us.

We were absolutely blown away by this response and delighted to be able to put in a competitive bid for the land.

Late afternoon on Thursday 1st October, we heard we had been successful. We were over the moon! We could not have done this without the incredible generosity of our local community. Thank you for your support.

Donating towards Norbury Hill
We would still be very grateful to receive additional donations to help with this purchase and repay the loan as soon as possible. If you would like to donate directly to Norbury Hill, please follow this link

We are also incredibly grateful for any general donations made to the Trust. This helps us to manage our purchased sites and supports the ongoing work of the Trust. If you would like to make a general donation, please visit our donation page.

Any questions?
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