Species Information Sheets

The Species Action Plans (SAPs) below have recently been produced by Dan Gordon-Lee, Fiona Gomersall and Charlie Bell commissioned by Natural England and the Stepping Stones Project.

These SAPs covers the Stepping Stones project area in South Shropshire but can be adopted outside of this area. They are living documents intended to be amended/updated.

The species which now have action plans are: * Dipper * Willow tit * Snipe * Tree pipit * Small pearl-bordered fritillary * Bilberry bumblebee * Upland dragonflies * Dormouse * Otter * Cowberry * Devil’s bit scabious * Yellow mountain pansy

The Species have been chosen to represent the key habitats in the area: Rivers & wetland Heath/acid grassland; Deciduous woodland;  Ffridd; Species-rich grassland.

Although the Stepping Stones Project and Natural England can take a coordinating role, they cannot lead on the delivery or championing of action for all the species.

We need to publicise the 12 Species Action Plans and ensure that key individuals/ organisations are aware of them and have access to them.

Landowners, organisations,  including town and parish councils and individuals are key to driving forward these actions.

Stepping Stones Species Action Plan sheets

Click on any of the 12 Species Action Plan sheets below to read more about what actions can be taken to support these species.. Please note these sheets will be updated with further information over time.

Habitat Information sheets



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