A selection of webinars we’ve enjoyed during lockdown.

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AgriWebb webinars

AgriWebb videos

Catch up on a Digital Farm Walk featuring talks on 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, a grazing masterclass, and plenty of case studies. 

Buglife Farming Hub

Buglife Resources

Not a webinar series as such, but the ‘Resources’ section on Buglife’s website has lots of fascinating tips for nature friendly farming. View the Farming Hub.

Centre for Alternative Technology

Centre for Alternative Technology

From practical building tips to in-depth explorations of how we can rise to the climate emergency, our newly developed webinars, online short courses and online events cover a wide range of topics relating to sustainability.

Championing the Farmed Environment

Championing the Farmed Environment

A partnership of agricultural, environmental and governmental bodies, promoting good environmental management through productive farming practices.


The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM)

CIEEM promotes the highest standards of practice for the benefit of nature and society. The button below will take you to a list of CIEEM’s free webinars. To find out more about the Institute, please visit the website https://cieem.net/

CLA Webinar Header

CLA Webinars

The CLA webinar series includes discussion and debate on a range of topical issues hosted by a panel of influential experts as well as a series of interviews by the CLA with renowned and recognised individuals.

Our favourites have been: 

Environment Agency Webinars

A fantastic selection of webinars has been made available by the Environment Agency, including:

  • Working with Natural Process – the evidence behind natural flood management
  • The Role of Land Management in Mitigating Catchment Flood Risk
  • Farmers and Soil Management

Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit

Becky Willson’s presentation on Carbon, Cows and Calculators. Please note that it starts at 10’15”.

Farm Wildlife

Farm Wildlife

Farm Wildlife is a partnership of organisations working together to provide a single source of best-practice management advice for wildlife on farmland. Find out more.

Farming Connect

Farming Connect – Past webinars

A wide range of topical webinars aimed at providing useful support and information to you. 

See upcoming webinars here

Green Recovery Wales

Green Recovery Wales

A virtual festival of farming, food and nature.

Green Recovery Wales took place from 20 -23 July 2020 and was a four day virtual festival of activities, ideas and discussions focused on farming and land management, sustainable food systems, restoring wildlife and working together towards a greener future for Wales. 

Lots of the sessions were recorded and are available on YouTube. 


Groundswell – Grass, Soil, Hope webinar

A webinar entitled Grass, Soil, Hope with Author Courtney White and Farmer Dorn Cox discussing how regenerative approaches to farming can help put carbon back in the soil.

Land App webinar banner

Land Management 2.0 Series

This weekly webinar series is dedicated to ‘Transforming the Future of Land Management’.

The featured topics range from natural capital payment opportunities and regenerative farm management, to landscape-scale planning and government support of the sector.

Land Workers Alliance

Land Workers Alliance

Releasing weekly webinars along with the CSA Network and Organic Growers Alliance.

OFC Bitesize

Oxford Farming Conference Bitesize

A series of one-hour events hosted virtually via its website (https://www.ofc.org.uk/conference/2021) at 12pm on the first Thursday of every month from June to December 2020, leading up to the 2021 virtual conference in January.

Each webinar will focus on a conference title from the last seven decades and be chaired by one of the OFC Directors.

Pasture for Life

Pasture for Life

Pasture For Life champions the virtues of pastoral farming, providing a distinct identity for systems where animals eat only grass and forage crops their entire life. Food produced this way is much tastier and healthier for humans to eat than meat from animals fed grain and provides many benefits for farmers, animals, the environment and consumers.

Plantlife webinar

Plantlife – Meadow Restoration

Join Plantlife and the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) for the second in a series of webinars on how you can restore meadows. The first webinar can be found here

SWT Logo

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Weekly live online talks covering a range of conservation related topics!

If you would like to send any questions in advance of talks or you have any feedback about our events you can email: marketing@shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk

SFG Webinars

Social Farms & Gardens

SF&G has launched a series of online webinars designed to help people tackle the huge challenges arising from this crisis and to share best practice and inspiration from around the country.

All webinars are free and open to all.

Sustainable Food Trust podcast

Sustainable Food Trust podcast

The Sustainable Food Trust podcast questions current food production methods and sheds light on the future of farming.

Chief Executive Patrick Holden hears from a range of voices, including policymakers, business leaders, food producers and campaigners, about some of the issues facing farming systems across the world.

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