During 2017 SACWG held a major publicity and fundraising campaign to raise funds to provide a boardwalk along the existing footpath – which was previously virtually inaccessible due to water levels and undergrowth. Volunteers ran a wildlife quiz, a plant stall, a three-course candlelit meal and a music evening. Grant funding was sought and public donations welcomed.  After several busy months, a total of nearly £14,000 was raised. 

In January 2018 the boardwalk was built under the supervision of Shropshire Council’s Public Access team and with considerable volunteer input. An information panel was prepared so that boardwalk users could be informed about the history of the footpath and the biodiversity of the wetlands area. An opening ceremony and celebration was held on a blissfully warm and sunny April evening with an inaugural walk along the boardwalk.

The boardwalk has proved wonderfully popular with local residents. Indeed it has served to foster real recognition of the area, which was previously inaccessible and ignored.