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Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Natural England

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Pond Creations Scheme

Love Ponds, have space for a new pond and want to help reverse over a century of pond decline in Shropshire?

If you have suitable land where a pond could be created or if you have ponds that could benefit from restoration, then you may be interested in the Shropshire Pond Creation Scheme.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust has been commissioned by Natural England to create, or restore, 27 ponds to suit Great Crested Newts. Great Crested newt ponds should be small to medium-sized ponds (100x1000m2), unshaded, and have some water plants in them as well as open areas.

For more information about the scheme please contact Pete Lambert, the Shropshire Pond Coordinator, to arrange a site visit. You can find Pete’s details below. Thank you.

Pete Lambert – Shropshire Pond Coordinator
Tel: 07506120022


Enterprise House, Station Street, Bishops Castle, SY9 5AQ

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