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About Marches Grow Local

Marches Grow Local (MGL) is a not-for-profit group based in Shropshire. It works to strengthen a local food system in which more people eat more locally produced food. MGL is one practical response to the climate and environmental emergencies.

Why promote Local Food Systems?
Local food systems connect people and communities to the food they eat, their health and the environment. 

Local food systems mean that more people are involved in growing and producing good, nutritious food – for themselves and their communities – and that more people have better and easier access to such food.

Local food systems can:

  • strengthen the resilience of local food supply chains, an issue highlighted by recent pandemic related food shortages
  • bring transparency to the quality, ethical standards and environmental sustainability of food production methods
  • contribute to revitalising the local landscape, increasing biodiversity, preserving our precious soil and reducing carbon footprint

Key Target Areas:
MGL has identified five connected key areas to target:

  1. Strengthening the network of local producers, existing and new
  2. Establishing new food distribution channels appropriate to this rural area
  3. Educating people about local food systems and their role in wider food production, distribution and consumption issues
  4. Encouraging more people to grow and produce food, by building skills, knowledge and resilience
  5. Connecting people who have available land to new food production ventures

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Shropshire Good Food Partnership

Over the summer months we learned of a new organisation, now called the Shropshire Good Ffood Partnership (SGFP), which is doing some excellent work and covering the whole of the county. You can find out more about the SGFP on the following website where you can read and sign up their ‘Good Food Charter’ (

MGL has established links with the SGFP and were encouraged to apply for a grant to further our work in the local area. This offered a nice boost to the group mindset and opened the door for us to explore, in more concrete ways, the support we could offer to local producers. We were successful in our grant application – read below about the exciting work on which we have now embarked.

Working with Local Producers

Using the grant from the SGFP (see above paragraph), MGL has established a pilot service to work with local food producers to increase their sales through both existing and new channels. You can read more about this service here. Following on from our earlier visit to Hare Hill Farm, (see above), we offered to work with them as our first producer and they were keen to accept. This work is ongoing and early signs and feedback are very encouraging.

We will shortly be identifying further local producers to take through this process, adapting it as we go and reporting back to the SGFP at specified intervals. We will also be documenting our experiences so that the process could be rolled out to other producers in the county.

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If you would like to support Marches Grow Local, we would be very grateful for any donations you can offer. To find out more about what we do, please sign up to our mailing list. Thank you.

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Marches Grow Local formed after an inspiring talk by Simon Platten at Tamar Grow Local (TGL). Find out about TGL’s journey to building a local, resilient food network by watching the webinar below.

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