Walk & Talk at Smiling Tree Farm


What to expect

Come for a guided walk, followed by a talk on regenerative agriculture with Christine Page at Smiling Tree Farm.

Christine will guide you through the diverse pastures, rows of silvo-pasture, in between deep, tall hedgerows, shelter-bets, barn owl hunting grounds, along the riparian zone and through the forest garden. Christine will share her vision of producing perennial food, of fruit, nuts, vegetables as well as meat and dairy, in an organic, holistic, polyculture system that combines and replicates forest systems with the natural role of migrating herbivores. The result is self-sustaining, almost closed-loop, carbon-negative, nutrient-dense food production that works in harmony with wildlife and natural nutrient-cycling systems.

We would be very grateful for attendees to bring a snack to share to give us all some sustenance for the discussion following the walk. Christine will kindly provide tea and coffee (and raw milk of course!) but if you would like to bring anything else to drink, please feel free.

How to find Smiling Tree Farm

Smiling Tree Farm is located at Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BW. 

Driving south through Chapel Lawn village take the first farm track on the right, sign-posted to Squire Farm, drive on past Squire Farm another 200 yards up the hill to find the white gate of Smiling Tree Farm on the left. 

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