Norbury Hill

Norbury Hill by Rosa

Poised as a giant stepping stone

      between the Mynd and Stiperstones

It stands aloft, grassy-soft and proud

       along the ancient track

Where hawthorns laid in centuries back

      succumb to the winds of change

This lush pasture and yarrow like stars

    seem good enough to nourish a suckling herd

But now only rabbits dart into the gorse

     with their burrows honeycombing the summit

We come at rising full moon, first of the autumn month

    a whisper after Michaelmas

As the bell of St Michael’s church chimes the hour

    ringing in the new guardianship

Low stones hint at mysteries and messages long buried

      awaiting the next human dispensation?

Below the huge brackenside merges into reeds

       where butterfly and reptiles have their freedom

The land folds and pleats down with the water-flow Onnywards

      and up towards the noble Linley Beeches…..

Who knows what this hill has to offer – and we can only ask

    how can we sustain and honour this special place?